Edge Management System

The Cloud

The Edge Management System, or E.M.S., is Wind River’s cloud service software that allows a user to view data readings coming from any device connected as an asset on their server. In this case, the asset is the smart phone, which is receiving data coming from the Intel Edison board on the bike. This allows for remote access to the user’s bike, as well as the ability to view useful information such as battery levels, speed, odometer, trip data, and GPS from anywhere.

Graphs and Analysis

The Wind River Edge Management System dashboard enables us to view graphical representations of data received from the phone. For data analysis, we can choose to view our data as a line graph or a bar chart. If we are receiving data in real-time, we are able to view live graphs of the incoming data as they are received by E.M.S. Monitoring these values from a graphical standpoint makes maintaining the longevity of the bike easier.

Trip Monitoring

E.M.S. allows us to track our GPS locations and pin them on a map. The longitude and latitude of the bike are sent from the phone along with all of the other data items. When clicking on a location pin on the map, there is a timestamp of when that location was received as well as the coordinates of that pin.