Dashbolt App


The purpose of the Android Application is to serve as a User Interface for drivers. The interface displays data passed from the Intel Edison through Bluetooth. The interface is updated continuously while showing data points such as Speed, Trip Mileage, Bike Battery Life, and a built in Google Maps widget.


The main dash is set to landscape by default for user convenience, and to allow for use with the device cradle on the motorbike. This User Interface is meant to display the basic data points such as current speed, remaining battery life on the motorbike, current trip mileage, bike mode, and also buttons to interact with the bike components. One of the key components of the dashboard is the Google Maps widget, which updates in real time.


The application also features notifications for special cases. When the battery reaches certain levels, the app will notify the user to charge their bike. The bike also notifies the user to slow down if above mode speed limit.

Music Player

The application also features a custom built music player for a better user experience. The player accesses the music library located stored in the phone by the user. Users can decide whether or not to play a song in a loop, or shuffle through the entire music library. To navigate to the music player, all the user has to do is swipe left.

Bike Analytics

More bike data can be viewed when the user swipes right from the main dashboard interface. This activity displays real time data in graphs for analysis. Data such as the speed and battery cell voltages are displayed here. This allows users to adjust their driving style based on the information provided. All of this data is also retrieved through Bluetooth communication from the motorbike.